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The Tonle Sap may, on the surface, appear to be just a nice big lake but this body of water sets the rhythm of Cambodia, if not its very heartbeat. One of the most abundant sources of fish in Asia, the lake feeds a hungry nation. With its unique connections between lake and river, plant and animal, man and nature - life on the lake and on its shores has not changed much in centuries. Apart from scattered floating trading centers, families live in isolation as they have always done, moving their stilt houses further inland with changing water levels on the lake's shifting shores or if they are completely waterborne, merely pulling up anchor and moving elsewhere. Be it a lone fisherman checking his bamboo fish traps or an old woman boiling soup on her tiny canoe, lifestyles here have remained unchanged by the passage of time. Despite the playful kids, friendly waves and smiles of the people here, life has always been hard work.
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