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Provence is a region of contrasting landscapes from vineyards to forests. For most people Provence means the Cote d’Azur or Riviera centered around Nice or St. Tropez. Others love the Vaucluse and Cote du Rhone region. With this variety of scenery, Province combines the art of living with natural space. Villages in Provence are often built on hilltops or the hillsides around the local chateau, with graceful fountains and shady squares and bathed in sunshine. Here you can sense both Roman and French history that has shaped the architecture and the people. Several villages in Vaucluse are ranked as “The Most beautiful Villages in France” such as Gordes, Roussillon and Venasque that are perfect for exploring. The Roman presence, the Renaissance and the classical period have added to the rich architectural heritage in Provence. This rich history provides visitors with countless sights, tastes and discoveries.
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