Pacific Coast Highway Gallery { 11 images } Created 17 Mar 2009

Pacific Coast Highway Photos - There are few great road trips that inspire curiosity about what lies beyond the next turn. The Pacific Coast Highway is that kind of road, with the sort of scenes you see featured in sports car commercials - a road that begs to be driven in a red convertible. Cleaving its way along the edge of the continent, just when you think you've had enough of dramatic coastlines, after the next turning you cruise through green artichoke fields or rolling vineyards. No wonder this is one of America's pilgrimage routes - for surfers, foodies, beatniks and thrill seekers of every stripe. The entire coastline holds many treasures from Los Angeles to the Lost Coast - foggy lighthouses, frolicking sea lions, Hearst Castle and the Golden Gate. But all the rest is for you to discover on your own - the way any good road trip should be.
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