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Macau Photos - Buildings the colors of mangoes and lemons line the streets, embellished with curly wrought iron and wooden shutters in soft hues. The aroma of baking bread permeates the air while schoolgirls munch on egg tarts, a local treat, in the plaza. Chinese and Portuguese gardens, fountains and history are around every corner. Macau rewards those who walk and getting lost is highly recommended.
Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995, the city is a pastiche of Portuguese and Chinese cultures. Even Macanese food, the world's original fusion cuisine, incorporates spices and ingredients from Portugal's far flung colonies, served up with a Chinese twist. Though in recent years new casinos are being built faster than you can say "hit me", strolling the historic center still evokes a link to the past. You only need to look down at your feet to find old Macau - the cobblestones were brought over from Europe as ballast in 16th century galleons.
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