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Tsukiji fish market might be the primo destination for foodies in Tokyo, but second on the list is usually the restaurant supply district of Kappabashi. Famous for its plastic food models, Kappabashi is the place where restauranteurs go when they set up shop. It is also a mecca for chefs, gourmets and anyone who likes to cook. If something is found in the kitchen, there's likely to be a shop in Kappabashi that specializes in it.
Restaurants in Japan display plastic food models in front of their venue, and these are sold in Kappabashi shops, including renowned Maizuru where the samples look amazingly real. In addition to plastic models for the restaurant trade Maizuru also sells plastic food souvenirs such as food shaped kitchen magnets, fruit shaped keychains and even sushi shaped USB flash memory holders.

One of the best things about Kappabashi is that the place is easy to navigate. The majority of stores are lined up along the main drag, only a few minutes walk from Asakusa and Sensoji Temple. Some shops cater to restaurant professionals only, though the most interesting shops for the rest of us are those selling kitchen gadgets. Think intricate vegetable cutters And of course there's a huge selection of realistic food models such as sushi, yakitori and suspended noodles into bowls of ramen. Kappabashi got on the tourist map because of its uniquely Japanese plastic food models, much to the surprise of the local shopkeepers. Nowadays it is popular with Japanese as well.
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