Abandoned Japan { 12 images } Created 11 Oct 2017

Japan is a place that is ordinarily associated with beautiful temples, serene gardens, cherry blossoms, kimono and crowded high tech cities. It is the last place you'd expect to encounter abandoned factories, forsaken theme parks, weed infested satellite installations, or disused bridges. The worldwide trend of URBEX or urban exploration has put Japan on the map and is popular with explorers and haikyo freaks who visit these places and try to imagine what it was like to travel back in time. It is important to remember that most of these places are closed to the public with scary notices warning you to KEEP OUT with heavy fines if caught. Also, If you dare to enter you may be either creeped out by all the disarray, entropy and weeds or you may find yourself fascinated. Luckily, some of these sites have been encircled by public parks so limited access is allowed, though usually not inside - which can be dangerous anyway. Trespassing anyone?
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